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Jake Waters, 12 October 2020

I’m launching something new into the world... and it feels like I’ve been working on it forever.
Let me explain why.

In 2006 (pre-moustache), I occupied a little corner of the internet dedicated to sharing music with friends. It was a music blog called Partyaids.tv.

In hindsight, with all the wisdom and responsibility that comes with a fully grown top lip, I would’ve picked a different name.

But that’s not important. What is, is that our creation had tens of thousands of listeners from all corners of the world. A community. A platform. A solution.

This is important because this was the first in a series of projects that have led to my latest creation — This Before That.

When I sift through the years since the blog, I’m reminded of the projects that have inspired and propelled me forward. And of course, those that haven’t.

What’s clear to me is that I’ve found my sweet spot. A place that uncovers the best in me; right at the intersection of music, hospitality, and entertainment.

You might even call it culture.

I love how technology and media are primary vehicles for our connection in the world. It’s at the core of our curiosity.

So for the past two years, I’ve been hiking Digital Everest and the mountain has taken many shapes and forms.

Digital marketing for hotels, restaurants, and late night venues.

Ticket strategies for music festivals.

Growth strategies for artists reaching new audiences in global markets...

For those who’ve trusted me with your brand and vision, thank you. You’ve given me the confidence and experience to leap into the agency world.

But what did I learn? I’ve learnt the further along I got, the more help I needed. And so, like a carabiner to a rope, I’ve realised I need to invest in people and culture to fully articulate what I set out to do.

This Before That will serve brands by breaking down the digital landscape.

This Before That will tap into forever-shifting culture. We’ll build creative, digital strategies that capture attention and enhance brand experience.

Yes, the formula is specific, but so is the solution:

A Melbourne based agency specialising in marketing, strategy and ideas across the music, entertainment and hospitality industries. Online and off, local and global.

We already work with a handful of great brands, but we’re always looking for more story-swapping opportunities.