Feature Fix - This Month’s Social Low Down

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Jake Waters, 26 November 2020

Everything's going great until you login and the button’s gone. You loved that button. This isn’t how things looked yesterday. Ok, you're annoyed. Even a bit mad. But save your anger, frustration won’t bring the button back. Truth is, our monthly Feature Fix won’t bring the button back either. But it might show you what that new one does.

Youtube launches fifteen-second ads

YouTube is unveiling audio-only advertising for listeners who play music or podcasts in the background. These ads target listeners who use the site, without watching videos.

Advertisers can purchase from multiple categories including Top 100 charts and music in popular channels. Marketers also can buy ads targeted by mood or interest like fitness or relaxation/meditation.

More deets here.

Instagram cops a revamp after 10 years

Last week, Instagram changed dramatically for the first time in a decade. Yes, IG has been around for ten years. We’re getting old folks. Video channel Reels now has its own tab as does shopping. Posting content starts by navigating to the top right corner of the app along with accessing the notification centre and checking your messages.

Soundcloud adds official artist verification

You get a blue tick! You get a blue tick! You get a blue tick! Unofficial accounts will take a back seat as Souncloud will verify artists with the highly sought blue arrow.

Twitter shows up late with ‘Stories’

Is Twitter tardy to the party? Just like other platforms which allow temporary posts, the messaging platform is finally debuting their belated ‘fleet’ feature this week. Users can tweet, share photos, text or repost other messages that vanish after 24 hours.

Watch official music videos on Facebook

This isn’t straight out of the oven, but it’s a big play for Facebook. Navigate to Watch > Music and you’ll now be able to see official videos from a plethora of musicians. It seems FB is finally utilizing the deals they struck with major labels in 2018. For artists, they’re required to opt in to have their videos shown on their page.

Tiktok partners with Shopify

Take a seat, make yourself at home, you won’t be leaving TikTok anytime soon. The new (and biggest) kid on the block has announced a partnership with Shopify that promises in-app purchases as well as a bunch of other features for merchants and consumers.

Spotify launches ‘Discovery mode’ for artists and labels

Hold onto your headphones people, Spotify is testing a new feature that enables musicians to promote tracks to new audiences. Of course, that’s only if they agree to a “promotional” (i.e. lower) royalty rate for those streams. Hmm, not sure how to feel about that last part.